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Las Vegas Celebrations

Baruch/Gayton has produced numerous Las Vegas celebrations including the Grand Opening of the Paris Hotel & Casino, the Las Vegas Millennium Celebration, and the "Cloudburst" New Years Eve mega-party. ​

The Grand Opening of the Paris Hotel & Casino featured a live satellite uplink with France's Eiffel Tower and starred Catherine Deneuve, Charles Aznavour, Michel Legrand and Line Renaud. Additionally, audiences enjoyed Son et Lumière covering the 33-story hotel, aerial ballet performed 300 feet high, and a pyrotechnic extravaganza.

​​The Las Vegas Millennium Celebration was seen live by 250,000 Las Vegas New Year’s Eve revelers and was featured on ABC’s 24 hour worldwide Millennium celebration program.

The "Cloudburst" New Year's Eve mega-party on the Las Vegas Strip kicked off the official Las Vegas Centennial Celebration – headquarters of “America’s Party” city-wide pyro extravaganza. The 2005 New Year's celebration included non-stop entertainment from celebrity performance DJ The Crystal Method, supermodel DJ Sky Nellor, and many others, including a New Year’s countdown and fashion show for every US time zone.

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